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10 Games Like 0x10c You Need To Play

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10 Games Like 0x10c You Need To Play

Here are a few more space games in a similar style to 0x10c we have found…

  1. Shores of Hazeron – A free multiplayer game where you start on a planet full of resources, which you collect to build your own space ship to then explore outer space. Nice gameplay and neat graphics. Check it out here:

  2. Ascii Sector – A free space game with battles and trading that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. Check out the full details here:

  3. Kerbal Space Program – In KSP, players must create and manage their own space program. Building spacecraft that can carry and support crew, you able to explore  space and take on missions with others. Check it out:

  4. Starport – A much older game for a younger audience, but still plenty of fun. More here:
  5. Prospector – Prospector allows you to land on planets to mine materials and map them, to then sell back to your employer. Although free, please donate to support the future development of the game! Download here:

  6. Escape Velocity: Nova – The third game in the series and by far the best. Get ready for plenty of action, team work and survival in this one. More here:

  7. x3 – The X series are popular with plenty of development and releases. Check out X3:Terran Conflict and X3:Albion Prelude for the most recent, however be prepared for quite a challenge as this game has a steep learning curve.
  8. Eve Online – This one is a monster and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about it. Very time consuming and difficult to win space battles with a small ship when you start out, but by far one of the biggest out there. Try out the demo:

  9. SpaceStation 13 - This project is a full remake of the popular survival/sandbox based multiplayer game Space Station 13, originally developed on the BYOND platform and released in February 2003. More info here:

  10. StarBound – Not your typical space game due to the cartoon look and feel, but looks very interesting and is currently under heavy development for future release. I have to say, the graphics are quite refreshing from all the standard space sims we have mentioned here… Check it out for yourself:
  11. …. And three others we mentioned in the past include Pioneer Space SimRodina and Oolite - remember to check them out!

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