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0x10c Development Kit v1.7

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The guys over at have been busy getting the next update ready, and v1.7 includes all the latest information from Notch, including dcpu specs, peripherals and interrupts.

  • Beta 1.7 Preview available for download
  • DCPU-1.7 (latest as of 28/04/2012) supported
  • LEM1802 display, keyboard and clock devices available as plugins (with source)
  • Plugin API examples/manual
  • Improved handling of negative literals (ife -1,x for example)
  • Improved error generation and accuracy during all code generation
  • Fixed syntax highlighting on semicolon within string literal
  • Added IA, queue-interrupts and OnFire flag indication to UI
  • Initial work on HMD2043 disk drive plugin
  • Changed code editor component: more compatible and vastly improved performance!
  • Support for character literals (‘A’)
  • Added support for alternative label syntax (label:)
  • Implemented local labels for general code and macros (.label: or :.label)
  • Added support for #define directive

In Progress

  • Bugfixing, improvements and general work

Up Next

  • Opening source files not in solution
  • Running precompiled binaries
  • Stack / memory display
  • Modular plugin-based language support
  • Character literal support
  • Binary, hex file output from build
  • Hook up existing debug info symbols list to UI

Head over to now to download the latest.

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